About Sani Bello Foundation.

Sani Bello foundation is a non profit organization. It was established to impact our society positively with resource and skill acquisition to improve the general well being of Nigerians and also to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDG). The SDGs in focus are No poverty (SDG 1), good health and well being (SDG 2), and quality education(SDG 4) .

Indeed the time has passed when we have to wait for Government to do everything for us. Individual must get involved in mobilizing and supporting the activities that will move the nation forward. It is on this background, this gaint stride by Col. Sani Bello (rtd) evolved. Col Sani Bello (rtd) has been in the vanguard of youth education, to once again spear head this clarion call for youth empowerment through entrepreneurship to move the youth of this nation out of the woods of unemployment and social-vices.

We mobilize resources and bridge social and economic divides to reduce poverty and increase equity. We are working to create a more just and equitable society in which all individuals have a meaningful opportunity to improve the quality of their lives for themselves and future generations.

Humanitarian Works

Financial Aid and Mentorship

Vocational Skill Empowerment

Academic Scholarship

Sani Bello Foundation Board Members

We present to you the men who helps make decision that makes the foundation to keep moving forward.

Col Sani Bello (Rtd.)

Founder and Chairman

Col. Sani Bello (RTD) is the Founder and chairman of the Sani Bello Board. He is a philanthropist who sees investing in humanity as a priority. He has been an inspiration to many as many keep testifying to his kind hearted gesture. He has been an inspiration to many as many keep testifying to his kind hearted gesture.

Usman Sani Bello

Vice Chairman

Usman Sani Bello is the vice chairman of Sani Bello Foundation. He is also the Chairman of mustafa comprehensive school which is one of the subsidiaries of the foundation.He has worked extensively in the HSE department and Regulatory Compliance Department at Afren Energy, subsidiary of Afren PLC.

Zakari Ikani

Director General

Zakari Ikani is the Director General of the foundation. Owing to his educational qualification and experience, he lectured in various higher institutions. He was a former Principal of Mustafa Comprehensive School, a subsidiary of the foundation. He is the Administrative head of the foundation.

Aminu Sani Bello

Boad Member

Aminu Sani Bello is a member of the Sani Bello Foundation Board. He is a serious minded entrepreneur who is equipped with vast business management experience, with interest in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Energy, Oil and Gas. He is a successful business man.

Ahmed Sani Bello

Board Member

He is a board Member of Sani Bello Foundation. He is also the Vice President of Oxtrich Creations Limited a vegetable oil company, former alternate director Prudent Health Care, Director Safara Foods, he is also the Executive Director of Admin/ Finance at Allstream Energy Solutions.

Alhaji Aliyu Mustafa

Board Member

Alhaji Aliyu Mustafa is a board member of Sani Bello Foundation. He is a successful business man who has his trades in multiple business sectors. He is the CEO MBEL concept Nig. LTD, Almusty NIG.LTD. He is also one of the Directors; Goje Water. He is a visionary leader, an entrepreneur.